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OVCODE offers straightforward solutions to your agreement and approval needs. The simple yet sophisticated design of the digital signature tool allows all to participate and eliminates the complexities of workflows attached to digital signing.

OVCODE creates a verification engine to keep the integrity of data in digital or physical forms. OVCODE’s identification and authentication tools; inform the data’s owner, origin, and history.

OVCODE provides the NFT infrastructure to create unique and immutable representations of your digital assets using OVCODE NFT, with easy-to-use tools to unlock the economic value of your digital and physical assets.

OVCODE Vault is a secure space to permanently register and store valuable digital assets: documents, pictures, videos, and other files. The vault has access and sharing rights features for easy management and use.




Customer Stories

OVCODE has helped us securely streamline our HR processes. Employees can easily apply for leaves and route approvals conveniently. We also use OVCODE to authenticate employee payslip.

E. Apitana, HR Manager, NEXTIX
With OVCODE, our RT-PCR results are tamper-proof. OVCODE authenticates test results and convert it to a verifiable document. OVCODE password protects the test results for the privacy of our clients.

K. Go, FirstAide

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