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In the dawn of the Information Age, the Internet was invented. Streams of data from the World Wide Web resulted to a global data surge creating the need for search engines.
Online news, social media, and mobile phones is creating an even greater accumulation of data never seen in all of history, but this is also creating an ever widening problem of data trust.
Data trust is further eroded during digital transformation, as there exist problematic gaps. The gap starts upon inception of data, to dissemination, and even till storage. Within these gaps, data can easily be hacked and compromised.
We saw the need for an engine that can verify integrity of data at source and should be immutable.
A global verification engine to rebuild data trust.
OVCODE is a verification engine. OVCODE verifies authenticity, reliability, and integrity of data using Blockchain technology.
OVCODE’s aims to shape the future of trustless verification using blockchain technology. OVCODE is developer centric enabling individuals, corporations, institutions, and governments to easily upgrade existing systems to be blockchain enabled.
The OVCODE infrastructure design is Artificial Intelligence enabled. OVCODE’s foundation is to provide tools for integrity, trust, and insight for all the data you own and receive.
We envision a world where everything is verifiable, physical or digital, on OVCODE. Where there are no more fakes, corruptible data, and everything is auditable. Where basic human transaction is fast and easy. We strive to bring TRUST to the world for everyone’s protection.
Our vision is to verify the world’s information in one-click.
Our mission is to fuel the future of verification and build trust.
OVCODE is a Blockchain verification engine. OVCODE verifies authenticity, reliability, and integrity of data using blockchain technology.
OVCODE is an award winning patented Blockchain technology innovation focused on verification of assets or items you own that is of value. These assets can either be digital asset, intangible assets, or physical assets.
OVCODE is based in Zurich, Switzerland with current operations in Switzerland, South Korea and the Philippines. OVCODE is set to expand operations in Southeast Asia, Japan, China, India, and USA.
2018, Winner – Microsoft Partner Awards (Creating Cloud Solutions for Non-profit)
2017, Finalist – Citibank Tech for Integrity Challenge Singapore
OVCODE is a Blockchain verification engine that establishes the truth, accuracy and validity of assets you own and receive. An asset can be a digital, intangible and physical asset. This may range from digital media, source codes, and intellectual properties to gold, real estate, corporate bonds, state, local government securities, and other entities with value. OVCODE is a patented technology that integrates Blockchain to digital signature and cryptography to achieve the least amount of risk and to create transparency. A digital asset or a digital representation of your asset is converted into a one-way cryptographic hash. The hash is then published to the OVCODE Blockchain network. With the published hash, the asset can be verified anywhere where there is Internet connection. OVCODE also offers a developer console that gives users access to available verification protocol interfaces or VPIs. VPIs allows individuals, corporation, institution and government to upgrade their existing systems to be blockchain enabled. OVCODE patented the zero cycle latency algorithms that assure security, accuracy and immutability of data published into the OVCODE Blockchain network.
OVCODE’s foundation is to provide tools for integrity, trust and insight for all the data you own and receive.
  1. Integrity
    1. Publisher Registration and KYC – Know your Customer
    2. Data Publication to the Blockchain
    3. Zero-cycle latency
  2. Trust
    1. Blockchian Verification Engine
    2. Multi-dimensional and Transactional Verificaiton
    3. Digital Seal of Trust
  3. Insight
    1. Developer Centric Platform
    2. Open API for Third-party Integration
    3. Artificial Intelligence-ready architecture
OVCODE Patent – Server Computer System for Implementing Transformation of an Original Entity into a Verifiably Authenticable Entity in a Heterogeneous Communications Network Environment.
Registration No. 4/2017/00006317 (Philippines)
  1. OVCODE Patent Pending (Korea)
  2. OVCODE Patent Pending (USA)
  3. OVCODE Global WIPO PCT, Geneva Switzerland – patent reservation date for 155 Countries globally
  4. One-click Patent – Method of Conducting a Workflow in an Electronic Transaction Platform System with Payment Distribution (Philippines)
One-click Distribution – Certificate of Copyright Registration and Deposit
Zero-Cycle Latency – Apparatus, Instruments and Equipment primarily comprising data processing components for authentication and verification in a heterogeneous communications network environment
A. OVCODE on Authenticating Digital Assets of KPop
OVCODE has signed up Dreamcatcher to be the first in Korea and in the world to authenticate their photos, videos, and other digital assets in the Blockchain. Dreamcatcher will now have repository of digital assets has a registration of ownership and copyright and is verifiable anywhere in the world. OVCODE will also authenticate original merchandise to protect artists and fans from fake products.

B. OVCODE used for Police Security Background Check
Cebu City Police Clearance is an official document issued as a background check by the local police agency to enumerate any criminal records the applicant may have.
Police clearance is one of the documents employers require in the hiring process. It can also be a requirement for passports and other government IDs. OVCODE integrates to the Cebu City Police Clearance system. Upon production of a police clearance document, OVCODE transforms that document into a cryptographic hash. The cryptographic hash is then published to the OVCODE Blockchain network with the publisher’s digital signature. The police clearance published is then assigned an OVCODE to be used for verification. The Cebu City police clearance integration has been operational since May 2016.

C. OVCODE used for the Roman Catholic Church Sacrament Certification
The Archdiocese of Lipa Batangas issues certificates as baptismal, confirmation, marriage, and death certificates, by parish in recognition of those who receive the Sacraments. It has adopted a computerized system to manage issuance of these certificates OVCODE integrates with certificate issuance system. OVCODE transforms the document into a verifiable entity that is accessible anywhere through the Internet. The system has been operational since June 2016.

D. OVCODE Integration with Cloud-based Productivity Software for Authentication and Verification
OVCODE integrates directly to productivity software document processor. The Microsoft Office 365 user has the option to add OVCODE as an Add-in. Once added, the user can now easily publish his/her documents to the OVCODE Blockchain network. The published documents are converted to a verifiable entity that can be confirmed through parameters given by the users. The document can be verified in the OVCODE platform in web or mobile.

E. OVCODE Website Content Integration for Authentication and Verification of Fake News
OVCODE provides website owners a tool to secure their content, as well as protect readers from fake news or other content. By installing the OVCODE plug-in in Chrome, owners can now capture verified contents and publish it to the OVCODE Blockchain network. Readers can verify if a website’s content is authentic by logging into the OVCODE program.

OVCODE verifies assets or items of value owned. Assets can either be digital assets, intangible assets or physical assets.
Assets require verification to confirm existence, ownership, validity, history, and other vital information.
To give a picture of a portion of the market size, discussed below are assets per category:
  1. Digital Assets
  2. A digital asset, in essence, is anything that exists in a binary format and comes with the right to use.
    • Government Digital Documents
    • Corporate Digital Documents
    • Digital Receipts
    • Digital Claims
    • Audible content
    • Digital Pictures
    • Motion Picture
    • Digital Drawings
    • Digital Books
    Market Size: 12-trillion gigabytes of digital data and doubling in size every two years.
  3. Intangible Assets
  4. An intangible asset is an asset that is not physical in nature.
    • License and Permits
    • Business methodologies
    • Copyrights
    • Employment Contracts
    • Franchise agreements
    • Insurance Policies
    • Patents
    • Trademarks
    • Trade Secrets
    Market Size: market capitalization of all of the world’s stock markets is equal to $73 trillion. The high-end estimate for the value of all derivative contracts, on the other hand, is as high as $1.2 quadrillion.
  5. Physical Assets
  6. A physical asset is an item of economic, commercial or exchange value that has a tangible or material existence.
    • E-commerce Products
    • Medicine
    • Printed Documents
    • Education Diploma
    • Real estate land
    • Offices
    • Retail space
    Market size: global real estate market has an estimated value of $217 trillion. This covers residential property, offices, retail space, hotels, industrial land, agricultural land, as well as other commercial uses. While the world’s total aboveground gold reserves are estimated to be worth $7.7 trillion.
Target Industries:
  1. Government
  2. Entertainment
  3. Education
  4. Food
  5. E-commerce
  6. Large Enterprise
OVCODE came about more than 2 years ago within NEXTIX. NEXTIX is an award winning Innovations Company focused on next generation digital infrastructure, services and cloud solutions. It has offices in Cebu and Makati. Incorporated in 2005 and has been in the industry for 13 years now, NEXTIX is set for IPO in 3 years.
NEXTIX started building call center infrastructure and eventually went to providing the Government with platforms for clearances, biometrics, healthcare, driver’s license, and other frontline services.
In 2016, while doing several government projects related to identification certificates and clearance documentation, NEXTIX saw the need for digital authentication and verification of government documents, thus OVCODE was born. Designed and develop using real world use cases, OVCODE was initially called IXO or Information Exchange Online.
In 2017, IXO was chosen to be one of the 14 finalists out of 2,000 applications for the Citi Tech for Global Integrity Challenge, an open innovation challenge to source solutions that promote integrity, accountability, and transparency in the public sector, hosted by Citibank in Singapore. In early 2017, IXO was then rebranded to OVCODE, as a separate Blockchain verification company.
In 2018, OVCODE was incorporated in Zurich, Switzerland.
NEXTIX serves a wide-range of industries from Healthcare, Government, Banking, Large Conglomerates, Retail and Business Process Outsourcing.
NEXTIX awards and recognition:
  • 2017 – Citi Tech for Integrity Challenge Finalist, Citibank Singapore
  • 2012 – ON3, Silicon Valley Winner (Groupjump and MiiMove)
  • 2011 – Presidential Award for Eureka Call Center (Singapore)
  • 2010 e-Services Award for Outstanding Client Application for Call Center System (Philippines)
  • 2010 e-Services Award for Outstanding Client for Software Development (Philippines)
  • 2010 – 2nd place Most Innovative Call Center, Call Center Association in Singapore- Eureka Call Center (Singapore)
  • 2009 e-Services Outstanding Client Application of the Year – Dictation Capturing System (Philippines)
  • 2009 Digium ROI Award for Taguig’s Unified Citywide Telecommunications System (Arizona, USA)
  • 2009 Digium Pioneer Award for Abot Tanaw‘s Global Video Telephony Implementation (Arizona, USA)
  • 2008 e-Services Award for Groundbreaking Technology using IP PBX (Philippines)
  1. OVCODE has implemented real world use cases for blockchain verification for over 24 months
  2. OVCODE has patents and global PCT – reservation for 155 countries
  3. OVCODE is not a startup, the team has worked together for 8-10 years already
  4. OVCODE is registered in Switzerland, a country that adheres to a policy of neutrality in global affairs
  5. OVCODE transaction rates is not volatile as the platform is based on a private blockchain
  6. OVCODE has built a developer console that proliferates easy integration to third-party software using Verification Protocol Interfaces or VPIs