Government Documentation

The newly enhanced law, Republic Act. No. 11032 known as “Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018”, seeks to solve the perennial problem of bureaucratic red tape in the Philippines through efficiency in all government transactions.

RA 11032 requires all government agencies to adopt a simplified requirement and streamlined procedure that will spare constituents from long waiting time and delayed transactions especially for frontline government services. The law specifically aims to reduce processing time, cut bureaucratic red tape and also eliminate corrupt practices.

The most effective way of streamlining procedures is to resort to digital transformation. With the technological tools currently available, government agencies can easily build platforms for online processing of various types of government-issued documentary requests such as identity certificates, permits, licenses and clearances.

However, there exists gaps in digital transformation especially in the areas of authentication and verification. Data can be tampered and compromised during digitization. In fact, forgery is still a big industry here in the Philippines.

With this, NEXTIX presents OVCODE, a platform for trusted data. OVCODE will help the government to authenticate, verify and securely store important documentation.

OVCODE aims to make fake and counterfeit documentation obsolete using four core technologies: blockchain identity, digital twinning, permanent storage and artificial intelligence. OVCODE will enable the government to easily upgrade their systems to be OVCODE-enabled.

OVCODE envisions a world where everything is verifiable, physical or digital. Where there are no more fakes, corruptible data, and everything is auditable. Where basic human transaction is fast and easy. OVCODE strives to bring TRUST to the world for everyone’s protection.

Use Case for Government Documentation

OVCODE will provide an OVCODE-enabled QR. When scanned, the QR will return document origin and history as well as publisher credentials and details. Users will have the option to view document preview or save a digital copy depending on access rights set by the government administrator.

Multiple Documentation Requirement

OVCODE also designed an automated verification for applications with multiple documentary requirements.

Government agencies will no longer need to verify documents one-by-one, applicants will enter previously verified ovcodes instead. This will streamline application and speed up government transactions.


OVCODE Insight provides the government information on how data is being used within their platform. Insight also uses artificial intelligence technology to learn documentary formats and eventually detects which documents are real and fake.

The vision is for applicants to no longer queue up in government offices. They will have an online to portal where they can process transactions and submit OVCODE-verified documents.

In return, they will also receive authenticated digital copies of their documentary request which is verifiable by any recipient using online government platforms.