NextForms is a tool for generating verifiable documents using dynamic forms and customizable templates. You can deploy NextForms online for easy data gathering or use it internally for fast creation of templated documents.

Its NoSQL infrastructure makes it possible for NextForms to create dynamic data sets that fit every business’ needs. To ensure a secure and trusted transaction, NextForms integrates with OVCODE, which is an authentication and verification platform. The integration automates the authentication of every document generated by the system. Recipients can verify the authenticity of these documents through a unique alphanumeric code that can be represented by a QR.

NextForms is supported by OVCODE’s cutting edge technologies, including blockchain, digital twinning, permanent storage, and artificial intelligence. NextForms provides next-generation solutions to your document needs.

Where to use NextForms?
  1. Government Online Forms

    NextForms enables the government to streamline frontline processes to improve its quality of service to its people. The government can provide more convenient and efficient but secure ways of gathering citizen data online. NextForms can be used for the following government processes:

    • Online application for government Licenses, Permits, and Clearances
    • Online registration for government Social Programs
    • Data gathering tool for citizen engagement
  2. Government Document Generation

    Document management has always been a challenge for the government. NextForms provides easy-to-use tools to generate documents using customizable templates. The government can configure multiple templates according to its requirements. The documents produced are automatically authenticated and is verifiable through OVCODE. NextForms can be used for ALL government templated documents. Examples are the following:

    • Generation of official announcements and memorandum
    • Generation of government certifications
  3. Government Digital ID Creation

    Both the government and enterprise can take advantage of NextForms’ ability to securely gather data online and generate a representation of these data that is authenticated and verifiable. Online registration speeds up the process of data collection and gives agencies and organizations an efficient way of establishing a digital identity of a person. Digital ID opens up endless opportunities for ease of doing transactions and fast delivery of government or enterprise services. Examples of digital IDs are the following:

    • Company Digital ID
    • Membership Digital ID
    • Government Digital ID for Social Programs
  4. School Document Administration

    With thousands of documents handled by schools, NextForms provides convenience for administrators to generate online forms and templated documents. Both are authenticated and verifiable. NextForms can be used in:

    • Generation of school diplomas, certifications, and other official documents
    • Generation of online school survey forms
    • Generation of online exams
  5. Other Important Documents

    NextForms can be used to ALL templated documents and forms that need to be authenticated and verified. Some of these essential forms and documents are the following:

    • Insurance policies
    • Warranties
    • Online Job Application
    • Online Order Forms

    With NextForms’ dynamic and robust infrastructure, there are infinite possibilities to its uses.

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