OVCODE Visual Verification is the world’s first multi-patented technology that enable visual verification integrated with Blockchain technology to produce an immutable, secure product identification and authentication. OV-i is also enabled to be a marketing tool that features sophisticated, dynamic and interactive content.

  • an innovative 4-way nano optical lens (film)
  • an anti-forgery technology with hidden micro patterns developed to replace the current ones, such as:
    1. holograms - hardly recognizable by ordinary consumers
    2. radio frequency identification (RFID) - requires extra reader
  • its coated pattern has a thickness that makes it impossible to replicate

OV-i Benefits

Product Availability Fully running system with real world use cases and clients; Available APIs, web, mobile apps and developer tools
Patents PH Utility Patent, Global PCT (155 countries), trademark, copyright
Usability Verification using naked eye; Any device, any QR reader; Zero friction
Production Process Sticker form; no additional step in production
Blockchain Implementation Product information published to the blockchain;
Security Optical engineering and semiconductor technologies with blockchain
Business Model Static straightforward cost per sticker; Zero verification cost
Vision Geared towards authenticity, data verification and trust
Sample Sticker